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ID10T And Stuff – Episode 29 – Three Point Idiot

ID10T And Stuff

Episode 29 – Three Point Idiot

Woot! Here it is. This Months episode. You may be wondering, “How did that lint get there?” well, I don’t actually know but if you were one of the other three people listening to my show, then yes, it’s out early. BUT, only if you have a KGRA Premium Membership. Don’t worry, It will still make it up in the other usual locations on Monday. So, why would you want to listen to this months episode? I don’t know, I’m not you. I’ll talk about some of the weird questions that pass through my mind everyday, I’ll talk about my invasion of the TTR studios then I’ll also talk about something that might have adjusted my perspective in the areas of UFOlogy. Was that a ghost I photographed? Maybe, or maybe not...