ID10T And Stuff History

ID10T And Stuff History.

The following is a historical review of the ID10T And Stuff podcast.

ID10T And Stuff History begins in the early year of 2012. I came across a new on-line only radio station called The Global Radio Alliance. All the broadcast shows revolved around the UFO, Paranormal, Cryptozoology along with many other subjects thought to be in the fringe areas of science and discovery. Intrigued I offered to assist the station if they needed any as they were just starting. By the time the station had been around a year, I had found myself in the position of creating unique ad spots, sweepers, liners, and producing a few of the shows. Race Hobbs, producer and owner of the station ( had taken me under his wing and showed me some of the finer aspects of audio production. For this I will always be grateful. Eventually he encouraged me to create my own show and from that came the concept of ID10T. With my own twisted sense of humor on the line, I talked with Race and we agreed to release the first episode on April 1st of 2013. Yea, I picked April fools day. Although the listening audience was low, the first episode was well received. At that point I decided to produce one per month. As I continued to put them together, I began to refine each episode. The episodes were broadcast randomly in between live shows and I managed to produce 4 total shows, all of which aired multiple times, the last show produced for KGRA was released 06-22-2013. Being an un-paid intern for KGRA-DB, I decided that after more than a year, I needed to focus on more work that would be more financially rewarding. At this Point I had fallen in love with the idea of my own podcast and so I decided to re-work the intro, re-design some of the standard elements and then continue to produce and on August 5th of 2013, I released my first non KGRA podcast. With additional work I began to put these podcasts on my personal site at After that I refined the program a little bit more to adjust the format some for episode 6. Eventually I completed a new intro and decided on a more organic approach to the format. While I still continued to separate the podcast into sections, I allowed myself to be more flexible in what the sections were and the content they had. As of January 2014, a total of 10 Podcasts had been released. Eventually with a little bit more work, I configured them to be released through I-Tunes. On July 26th 2014, ID10T got a face lift. All ID10T related content was moved to it’s own server and given it’s own domain, at All audio files were also moved to this server. By mid august of 2014 I once again got in contact with KGRA. This time my focus with them would be less on audio production and more on website support. Race decided to once again begin broadcasting ID10T And Stuff randomly. With subject matter covering UFO’s, Paranormal, Government idiocy as well as other random rants and thoughts, the show fit nicely with the other shows that were re-broadcast throughout the day.
Come on over to and stream or download the newest episode. You can also find the episode on I-Tunes by searching for ID10T and Stuff. You can also find the ID10T And Stuff Podcast HERE.
New ID10T And Stuff Podcasts are released the first monday of every month. Do you have a comment or idea? You can contact me through the site or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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