ID10T And Stuff Episode 25 Dumb day has been released.

Sorry about the delay. It’s a two year anniversary party extravaganza that didn’t make it to audio but the recovery from the festivities took a few days. This episode I discuss some stupid ideas, examine the aspect of Ghost Hunting from (hopefully) a new perspective. I take a look at the Roswell crash in connection to some other historical elements that could point to another reason for a government cover-up. Hillary’s personal e-mail server? Really? Yea, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all (end sarcasm). I’ll round it out by finishing up about internet technology and optimization and then hand out another personal experiment. All that for this months release of ID10T and Stuff. So come on over to and stream or download the newest episode. You can also find the episode on I-Tunes by searching for ID10T and Stuff. You can also find the ID10T And Stuff Podcast HERE.
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