ID10T And Stuff Episode 21 Elven Stupidity

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! ID10T And Stuff Episode 21 Elven Stupidity is now on the virtual shelves. I have outdone myself (which isn’t hard to do) and done a whopping 45min show. I swear I tried not to get too long winded. I talked about some whacky toys then moved on to discussing a different way to examine energy and it’s interaction with us in the paranormal fields. Why are we still watching Area 51? I talk about what I think a government agency might actually be up to. Have you received a call from some unknown entity claiming your being sued, have won a trip, or from someone attempting to collect a debt. I did, and I’ll talk about why it’s a scam and what to watch out for. I’ll talk a bit about politics with the AHCA as well as immigration reform then move onto something more spiritual and hopefully inspirational for the holiday season. So come on over to and stream or download the newest episode. You can also find the episode on I-Tunes by searching for ID10T and Stuff. You can also find the ID10T And Stuff Podcast HERE.
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