Global Radio Alliance Broadcasts ID10T And Stuff randomly.
I got my start in on-line radio and podcasting from the Global Radio Alliance. I spent over a year as an intern and then took some time away to solidify my own pursuits. Recently I got back in touch with Race and now episodes of ID10T and Stuff will once again be broadcast randomly on I’m going to stress the word randomly. While I will always personally believe that my own podcast is the greatest in the world (*grin*), the Global Radio Alliance has many other stellar programs that they re-broadcast throughout the day. Later in the evenings they broadcast live shows. So head on over to and check out the live show schedule or tune in. You can also find them on Live365. Yea, and don’t forget, you might get lucky and hear one of my random shows too. 🙂 Or if you’re desperate to listen to one of my podcasts you can check them at at htp:// and stream or download past episodes.