ID10T And Stuff Episode 16 Explosive Stupidity

ID10T And Stuff Episode 16 Explosive Stupidity has now been released. It’s amazing how many stupid inventions we create, this month I’ll talk about a few. What is a galvanometer and how can it be used during a paranormal investigation? I’ll discuss the potential for this piece of equipment as well as present another paranormal experiment. I talked about Alien abductions last month and I’ll continue that discussion again this month. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a GPL is, then I’ll be going into the details of that as well.So come on over to and stream or download the newest episode. You can also find the episode on I-Tunes by searching for ID10T and Stuff. You can also find the ID10T And Stuff Podcast HERE.
New ID10T And Stuff Podcasts are released the first monday of every month. Do you have a comment or idea? You can contact me through the site or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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